Buyer’s Guide for Ultrasound Training and Assessment

What You Must Consider when Choosing an Ultrasound Simulator for Training or Assessment

Must-Ask Questions to Evaluate a Simulator

Choosing the right ultrasound simulator can make your training program more successful by making it easier to learn ultrasound and easier to teach. Trying to work with a lesser product offering can drain your resources and cause frustration. Here is a practical checklist to identify the simulator whose features best meet your needs.

Can the simulator display real patient images?
Real images teach truthfully by displaying patients, not idealized models. Sheehan Medical simulators go beyond teaching anatomy: they train the eye to distinguish pathology from artifact, and to optimize views from poor quality images.
Can I put my own patient images into the simulator?

Yes! Sheehan Medical has unique technology for displaying real images. This lets you put your own patient images into the transesophageal echo simulator. You can create new cases for your training program.

Does the simulator provide actionable feedback?

Feedback is the key to competence, proficiency, and mastery, but needs to be immediate and informative. Sheehan Medical simulators give immediate feedback that informs the trainee how well they acquired each image and how to further improve.

Can the simulator guide trainee practice?

With Sheehan Medical simulators trainees can practice at their own pace, in a safe environment, without requiring faculty oversight. The guiding feedback from the simulator is like having an echocardiologist and expert sonographer at your side, pointing out pathology and helping you scan.

Can the simulator assess competence?

The knowledge that a trainee has is easier to measure than their technical competence. Only Sheehan Medical provides validated, objective, and quantitative metrics of skill in image acquisition. The metrics generate feedback during practice and assist competence assessment for certification.

Does the simulator make efficient use of faculty time?

Faculty can save teaching time by delegating basic training to a Sheehan Medical simulator. Their valuable time can be applied to patient care or reserved for advanced training when trainees progress to scanning live patients.

Is the simulator easy to use?

Time and resources are precious – start-up and training should not require hand-holding. Sheehan Medical simulators are easy – just like our self-directed practice.

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