Make Ultrasound
Easy to Teach
If you come across a great teaching case, put it into our simulator for all your trainees to scan. Teach from your patient -- safely.

Step 1: Export your patient’s 3D TEE image
Step 2: Put the image into the simulator
Step 3: Scan your patient with our probe and mannequin
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Train Rural Docs in POCUS
The low cost of ultrasound equipment has encouraged many rural providers to adopt POCUS into their practices. However POCUS takes more than a one day course to learn, and travel to attend courses is not practical. Our simulators enable inexpensive on-site training because our unique immediate feedback technology gives guidance like having “a prof at your side.”
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Prepare to Guide Interventions
Practice on real patient images to acquire the advanced skills needed for interventional guidance. Our immediate feedback helps learners gauge their progress in acquiring images rapidly, obtaining additional views, and skillfully transitioning from view to view.
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Reduce Faculty Stress
Save Faculty Time
Simulation has now been proven more effective than lecture, e-learning, or even hands-on training in the OR in teaching transesophageal echo. It is safe for the patient, and safe for the trainee. Our simulator is better than safe. The self-directed curriculum takes the load off you by giving feedback so you don’t even need to stand by.
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Test Competence
Test your trainees with objective and quantitative skill metrics. Print out reports of their progress through the curriculum from baseline; measure their learning curve. Our validated metrics allow you to compare training results from year to year, curriculum to curriculum. Suitable for standardized exams.
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Train Providers in Low Resource Regions
Dr. Shehi Abubakar practices operating a Transcranial Doppler simulator before taking it home to Nigeria. Our unique simulator can help ease the shortage of providers trained to perform TCD.
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Real Ultrasound™ Simulators

Prepare for real patient care
by scanning real patient images.

Transthoracic Echo:

Our patient images provide eye training in recognition of artifact as well as the spectrum of pathologies

Transesophageal Echo:

We offer advanced features to enable training in interventional as well as diagnostic procedures

Vascular Doppler:

The world’s first spectral and color Doppler simulator, designed to measure trainee skill as well as teach

Transcranial Doppler:

Another first! We show you where your sample volume is in each patient’s brain.

Why Choose Sheehan Medical?

Help learners learn

Benefit from advanced guidance technology originally developed for NASA

Halve the training time

Research-proven efficiency by giving instruction when it is needed

Save faculty time

Get constant instant expert feedback – faculty presence not required

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Buyer’s Guide for Ultrasound Training and Assessment

What You Must Consider when Choosing an Ultrasound Simulator for Training or Assessment